Tean, Staffordshire Paintball

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Paintball Tean, Staffordshire

Be the hero of your own war stories by marching into each of our explosive game zones, with a semi-auto paintball blaster in hand and the enemy in your sights.

The 50 acre paintball facility in Cheadle features battlegrounds which combine the raw beauty of nature with brilliant purpose built set decorations around the site. You'll battle for control of a castle and a vietnam village, delve deep into a mirky swampland and even a network of trenches. You'll even get the opportunity to play paintball the way the professionals do it, within our fast and furious speedball field.

A safe, challenging and most importantly fun experience to share with friends, family or colleagues. Blast your enemies out of each thrilling game as soon as you're given the chance. If not you're likely to find yourself sitting out the game instead.

site Location

Located within the grounds of Heath House, accessible via Uttoxeter Road and Heath House Lane.

Further directions to follow upon confirmation of your booking.

  • Min age is 12
  • Packages start from £7.50pp
  • All equipment is included
  • Site type

Venue Ref: 8579-1